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Vea este video con la Abogada Griselda Ponce dialogando con El Capi Lopez de Fiesta TV Canal 23.1 (aire) tocante el nuevo ambiente de inmigracion bajo el Presidente Trump y que sugiere haga Ud.
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Attorney Griselda Ponce comments on NBC’s KXAN News regarding wide-spread fear in the immigrant community as news surfaces about ICE conducting raids throughout central Texas following the January 2017 Executive Orders.
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Attorney Griselda Ponce is interviewed by “The New Yorker” regarding deplorable conditions of families and children in immigration detention that lead to a successful Federal lawsuit against Immigration & Customs Enforcement.
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Deportations Video: Austin, TX, (en Espanol) – A story on how Griselda Ponce assisted an Austin family through the detention process in Austin, TX.

Detención de ICE pone en riesgo la estabilidad de una familia de Austin

Abogada Griselda Ponce ayuda una familia reunirse despues de amenaza de deportacion
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It was one of those moments politician fear most. In a speech at this summer’s NCLR conference aimed at shoring…

Griselda and her client Raul are interviewed to illustrate a new immigration policy that would help law-abiding immigrants avoid deportation and allow immigration prosecutors use their discretion to close non priority cases.
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Last March, an immigration lawyer named Griselda Ponce testified before the U.S. District Court in Austin about conditions at Hutto, and told of an occasion when the five- or six-year-old daughter of a woman she was interviewing had to go to the rest room. The captain on duty told the girl that she could not do so during a head count. Ponce said that the girl made “six or seven requests,” and was rebuffed each time; after about fifteen minutes, the girl “smelled of urine.”
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Para las explicaciones de este singular caso, que “abre una puerta” para las personas con delitos menores, en redpalabras.com dialogamos con la abogada Griselda Ponce, abogada de inmigración y estudiosa del tema, quien integra la compañía de abogadas Ponce Law Firm, P.C.

Western District of Texas

Attorney Griselda Ponce’s clients participate in a landmark federal lawsuit against Immigration & Customs Enforcement regarding poor treatment of children in detention. Attorney Ponce’s testimony in the suit helped establish better detention conditions throughout the U.S. The ACLU’s lawsuit was instrumental in stopping ICE from housing families and children at the Hutto Detention facility in Taylor, Texas.
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The LA Times interviews attorney Griselda Ponce regarding deplorable conditions that children are subjected to while in Immigration & Customs Enforcement custody.
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